I have been seeing Dr. Jen for years. She does more than just crack backs! She has helped my daughter with Migrane’s, my Husband with muscle injuries from heavy exercise and myself with neck, shoulder, jaw and foot pain. She truly gets you out of pain and back to motion.
– Kim P.

I’ve seen Dr Polk on and off for several years and can’t express my gratitude for all the help she’s given me. I recently returned to her office because I’m seven months pregnant and had hurt my back working out. I had searing rib pain and such bad low back and hip pain I was unstable when I walked. I called Dr Polk and she told me to come in right away. After an hour of work, my rib pain was completely gone and my low back and hip had improved tremendously. The next day I woke up and was literally pain free! I would recommend Dr Polk’s services to anyone with unresolved pain or pregnancy-related back pain.
– Kelly B.

I’ve suffered from sciatica pain while I was pregnant and thank goodness I found Dr. Polk!!!! Her kind and Gentle approach helped get through my pregnancy with less pain.
6 yrs later she continues to help me with me neck and shoulder Pain. Dr. Polk takes time and never rushes, unlike other chiropractors out there. Her treatment is customised to ones needs after all we are not all made the same way. I drive over 45 minutes to her office because she is worth it! I highly recommend her.
– Sara V.

Dr Polk has given me back by life. I first met her in August 2016. I barely made it to the table . My lower back wouldn’t let me stand straight. I couldn’t walk more than 20 feet without bending over. I had recently relocated to Arizona from New Jersey. This problem had occurred before but it was treAted but never solved. Dr Polk did a complete exam and discovered many lower back issues. She manually adjusted me and I left that day with some relief. The next adjustment brought more. It took two weeks but the pain was gone. It has been 5 months and I am pain free. I am back to riding my bike, weight lifting, and taking long walks with my dog. She is detail oriented, totally invested in her patients. Dr Polk is by far the best healer I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been going for chiropractic adjustments since 1994. I’ve gone weekly for years in New Jersey. I would leave the office feeling better but in a few days back to the same problem. I would recommend Dr Polk to anyone, let her diagnose your pain. She is outstanding.
– Tony F.

Just moved from Portland and have been looking for new chiro. Dr. Polk is thorough and thoughtful, her prices are super reasonable and she combines traditional chiro adjustments with hands on massage and stretching. quite simply I walked in in pain and left pain free…enough said.
– Leigh L.

I was nervous to use a Chiropractor, however Dr. Jen Polk in not the typical Chiropractor. She takes as much time with you that she feels is needed to help you feel better. She has a background in physical fitness, which is so helpful to her patients as she gives you at home therapy to help you get out of pain and back to motion as soon as possible. Dr. Jen has not only helped me, she has helped my husband’s cronic shoulder pain and my oldest daughters migranes. She’s amazing, I recommend her to all my friends and family.
– Kim P.

Best chiropractic care I’ve received and I have tried several. Dr. Polk resolved a nagging muscle tension issue that I had been having for years that several others were unable to resolve. What a relief!
– Mike R.

Great place and great results!
– Bella V.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jen for over 3 years for back and neck pain, sciatica, hand, vertebrae and tailbone injuries as well as headache treatments. She is very caring, kind and professional, and takes the “whole person” into account when assessing and providing treatment.
– Maria L.